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Packaging and waste can go hand in hand in the realm of consumerism. A 10 year span that was examined in Europe did see a positive drop in packaging waste, by 43% throughout 27 states due to better recycling techniques, according to the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that the U.S. produced at least 243 million tons of waste in 2009 alone, however over 80 million tons were kept out of landfills due to recycling and composting (Mother Nature Network). Recycling efforts are positive approaches. However, the question of availability for smarter packaging… read more

Do You Like Ramen Noodles?

Do You Like Ramen Noodles?

If so, you may have hungrily indulged in the hot noodles and not really thought too much about the packaging that they came in. Sometimes this meal for one can come in the not so earth friendly Styrofoam or unrecyclable waxed paper containers. When heated, Styrofoam and some plastic packaging can unleash chemicals from the containers into the food, serving up a bit of unintended contaminant along with your dinner. Tomorrow Machine, a company ran by package designers Anna Glansén and Hanna Billqvist, along with an eco focused research facility named Innventia, have conceptualized a redesign of an old standby,… read more