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These scientists share their top concerns

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Each year, the scientific online magazine ‘Edge’ asks a question in which top scientists, researchers, professors, and journalists share their opinion. This year, Edge asked ‘What Should We Be Worried About?” Responses were quite diverse, and ranged from worrying about the end of the world, to an increasing drop in the human attention span. We’ve listed a few of our favorite answers below. The Underpopulation Bomb Kevin Kelly, the editor of Wired magazine, predicts that by the year 2050, our population will peak at approximately 9.2 billion. However, he also states that once we reach that peak, our population will then… read more

Green Resolutions

2013 Green Resolutions

Many people vow to begin a new year with reformed behaviors. Months, or maybe even weeks into a different year however, well intended resolutions may get put on the backburner. Adding more sustainable behaviors is good resolve no matter when, but the start of a purported clean slate in time often lends to increased motivation. Integrating simple solutions throughout the year is essentially best when it comes to sticking to a plan. According to Bill Petro the history of making resolutions on New Year’s day began in Babylonian times. They had New Year’s festivities in March, but the Romans changed the custom… read more