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Ford Continues to Go Further for Sustainability


Reducing the environmental impact of automobiles isn’t only about reducing emissions at the tailpipe, but it’s also about reducing the amount of CO2 emissions released throughout the entire process of building the vehicle as well. And Ford has managed to do both of those in recent years, as highlighted in their latest sustainability report. With Ford’s lines of fuel-efficient, hybrid, and electric vehicles, the company has done a lot to help drivers choose vehicles that are not only right for them, but that also use much less energy or fuel, translating to cleaner air and reduced dependence on fossil fuels…. read more

The Future Of Food Security

Food Security for the Future

Across the world, communities face a diverse range of sustainability challenges. Access to adequate food, water, education, health and housing are just the beginning. Irrespective of whether people live in the richest or poorest of nations, the problems that beset our communities seldom arise from a single source. Almost all our sustainability issues, however, rely on the power of education to help ameliorate their impacts and change the social behaviours that led to these problems in the first place. Consider food security, for example. Beyond the urgent challenge of global poverty, the long-term provision of food throughout the world is… read more

Practically Green Launches New Enterprise Platform for Sustainability and CSR

Practically Green Launches New Enterprise Platform for Sustainability and CSR

A new enterprise platform, designed to help motivate companies and their employees to implement sustainable choices both at work and at home, was launched by Practically Green, which could help to further the sustainability and CSR efforts at large, global, businesses. “This platform is groundbreaking in how we use customized programs, game mechanics and internal social networks to engage employees, build awareness and drive measurable action locally and globally. It also enhances the tools available to clients who have large, global and increasingly mobile-enabled workforces and diverse sustainability and responsibility initiatives.” – Susan Hunt Stevens, Practically Green’s Founder & CEO… read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Awarded Sustainability Certification

Samsung Galaxy S4 Awarded Sustainability Certification

If you’re in the market for a smartphone, and want to pick a device that is certified sustainably designed and responsibly manufactured, the Samsung Galaxy S4 should be at the top of your list. We just wrote about the Fairphone, an “ethically sourced” smartphone that is due on the market sometime later this year, but the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship phone, is already out and being touted as “a real life companion“, so this sustainability certification is kind of a big deal. The S4 is the first to receive this certification, as a “TCO Certified Smartphone” from TCO Development, which… read more

Don’t Give Up The Fight

Don't Give Up The Fight

What do you reckon? Is the cause of today’s environmental challenges over-population? Over-consumption? Apathy? Greed? Various writers claim that our industrial system of economic development is the reason for our planetary malaise. Is the economic structure of the so-called democratically “free” world guilty? If so, how on earth can we transform a system whose global reach is ever-expanding? If poverty, like population, is a key player in our environmental challenges, surely a system established to generate prosperity is more of a help than a hindrance? Surely…not. The bad news is when you dig below the surface, the values and ideologies… read more

Let’s Change Our Thinking For Good

Change Our Thinking For Good

For years, people have talked about “Subverting the Dominant Paradigm”. For years, it seems people have instinctively understood these words and what the alternative paradigm looked like. Like “sustainability” talk, it was a trendy expression that steadily gained traction within the non-mainstream quarters of the “developed” world. Great – except that nobody could really agree on what it was, let alone how to get to the other side. Subvert the dominant paradigm?  What on earth does this mean? We can hazard a guess that the dominant paradigm pre-dates the Industrial Revolution. Chances are a “genius” called Descartes had something to… read more

Is This As Good As It Gets?

As Good As It Gets?

The era of the industrial economy is destined to meet its end. Paul Ekins highlights in Wealth Beyond Measure (1992), the nature and cause of modern economic development will be the system’s own undoing. It may indeed be doomed to collapse. Some writers argue that few people would benefit from such a collapse; while others counter-argue that the collapse of the modern economy is necessary for the benefit of all. But if our current economic framework is the cause for our environmental and social ills, then is it not worth asking what alternatives might exist?How might we envision a new… read more

Web App Grades Websites on Sustainability

Internet energy use

The internet has enabled huge advances in learning and sharing information, and our world is the richer for it, but it doesn’t come without a cost. And the cost is not found just in the price of the hardware and services forming the infrastructure, but also in the environmental effects of increased power demands (and the associated carbon emissions) for driving the storage and delivery of bits and bytes from the servers to your screen. Have you ever wondered what the carbon footprint is for something as vast and varied as the internet? According to Mightybytes, the estimated 50 million… read more

Can Gaming Teach Environmentally Responsible Values?

Can Gaming Teach Environmentally Responsible Values?

Game based learning has long been used in many settings, including for educational activities as well as occupational and career training. Some developers and educators see gaming as a way to reach a wider audience, and as a smart learning option for teaching core values, like ecologically responsible behaviors. With the vast assortment of games that revolve around questionable themes and subject matter, many who have gamers around may not argue, and would welcome a wider selection of more comprehensive games. By nature, games are both engaging and entertaining, a combination that can in fact lead to a successful learning… read more

Never Tire Of Your Treads

Bolivian Abarcas

Some people wear their shoes to the max. Having teenagers I witness this atrocity about every six months. Now imagine all those tires that sit in landfill and how they could be used for shoes. Tires are built to last for some 50,000 miles and wouldn’t that be great for the soles of your shoes. One would have to wonder how long it would take a teenage boy to wear out a pair of sandals fitted with tire soles and straps. The Abarcas are made by entrepreneurial indigenous Aymara women in El Alto, which is the twin city of La… read more