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How To Fix Your Screen’s Stuck Pixels


Have you ever had a spot on your computer screen that only appeared when the screen was on, and wouldn’t go away? Chances are, your screen has a stuck pixel. Not to worry, however, as this is something of a normal occurrence, and is also 100% fixable. No more throwing your monitor in the trash, or selling your computer for super cheap on Craigslist (hurray!) Step 1: Turn On The Screen If the problem pixel is on your desktop’s monitor or your laptop, turn the screen on. Step 2: Display The Pixel  Navigate to a 100% black image. It can’t… read more

To weed or not to weed?

To Weed or Not to Weed

To weed or not to weed. That is the question…not least because what some people consider a weed, others consider a boon. I recently helped a friend move into a cottage on 200 acres overlooking the Obi Valley in Australia’s Sunshine Coast hinterland. The dwelling sits near a spring-fed dam that sources a creek which runs into the valley below through assorted waterfalls and swimming holes. It’s an idyllic location rich in wildlife and majestic vistas. There is, however, a problem (the solution to which might also provide some unexpected benefits). The little dam is covered in duckweed. An aquatic… read more

Set the Date For Change


Words can start a revolution, change the course of a life, and bring mass attention to social injustice. Utilizing one of civilization’s strongest tools is 100 Thousand Poets for Change, an annual event on September 28, which takes place essentially everywhere. Despite the name, it is an all-inclusive event, with both poets and non-poets coming together to bring awareness to current political and social issues. All the while promoting the need for cultural change, including the move to a more sustainable future. This is achieved through organized gatherings scattered throughout multiple countries across the globe. Events are full of planned… read more

Green Festivals Merge Economics with the Environment


Green Festival is an annual, multi-city event in the U.S. promoting sustainable products and innovation. In addition to public demonstrations, the festivals feature eco-friendly merchants, ethical cuisine, and live music from around the world. By merging the merits of sustainability with economics, Green Festivals help instigate the cooperation of corporate investors to conduct business responsibly, in addition to backing companies that adhere to sustainable methods of operation. This support is crucial if we wish to secure the funding needed to incubate future innovations. These innovations will enable us to improve upon our actions as a whole, as it will take a change… read more

When is green not so green?

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Answer – when it is done just for green’s sake. Nothing is sustainable if it cannot be managed financially and if it doesn’t support the end users while it respects resources and the planet. An ugly, poorly laid out green building will only be torn down in a few years, and frustrate all who use it. Yes, use local materials, but only if they work and if you can afford them! Seek to be greener by being creative in regard to balancing the budget, the benefit to the building occupants and staff, and the planet we call home.

Saving Money By 3-D Printing


Everyone appreciates the value of saving a few pennies when we can. Whether it’s shopping at the department store for clothing rather than that fancy new boutique on Main street, purchasing higher end lightbulbs that will save you money over time, or installing an eco-friendly shower head to lower monthly water costs, we find ways to stretch a dollar. A new study by the Michigan Technical University shows us just how eco conscious (and budget-savvy) 3-D printing truly is. They estimate that printing your own household items, tools, eating utensils, and toys for the kids can actually save you an… read more

Food For The Future

Food For The Future

In 2011, the Environmental Working Group released a report comparing the environmental impacts of various protein sources. The study found that lamb, beef, cheese, pork, and farmed salmon are the worst for the environment in terms of greenhouse gases produced. With the exception of farmed salmon, they also require the most inputs (feed, fuel, water, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc.) and generate the most manure. Turkey, chicken, canned tuna, and eggs also scored highly for greenhouse gas emissions. Where do all these greenhouse gas emissions come from? A lot of this pollution is caused by feed production and the nitrogen dioxide… read more

Hitting Your Target

Hitting Your Target

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa The audience is king. Whether we like it or not, as environmental and sustainability communicators, we have a duty to serve the one true god – our target audience. Whether we want to raise awareness about international trade in endangered species, or attract new members to our NGO; whether we want to engage people in a weekend permaculture blitz, or widen our Transition Towns… read more

Organic Farming Reduces Carbon Emissions

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We already know that plantlife is good for the atmosphere. Filling your home with flowers is a necessary step towards creating a healthy environment. Roughly 20% of the earth’s oxygen is generated by the Amazon Rainforest, although that’s unfortunately in decay, as years of logging, poor farming practices, and corporate neglect have begun irrevocably destroying one of the largest sources of the stuff we breathe each day. So what’s our next bet for cleaning up the atmosphere? Well, it’s otherwise known as organic farming, and it might just be the solution. Although it’s not a sure shot by any stretch… read more

The F-Bike: The Future Of Commuting

Test Flight of the Technodat F-Bike

Leave it to European researchers to re-invent the bicycle, considering that they’re the ones who created the vehicle in the first place. Now they want the bike to do more than simply wheel about down the street; they want it to fly. Scientists and manufacturers in the Czech Republic have created a prototype for a flying bicycle that actually works, and looks pretty darn cool. It’s just in the testing stages at the moment, though it shows real promise. Unfortunately, Technodat, the company behind the bicycle (called the “F-Bike”), has no real plans to produce this feat of transportation engineering… read more