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Skincare For The Sun Kissed

Skincare For The Sun Kissed

Taking care of skin year round is important, but during the warmer months the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on delicate facial skin, requiring additional steps for protection and treatment. Naturally detoxing and cleansing your skin can be done right at home with ingredients found in the kitchen. For a simple exfoliating scrub that isn’t too harsh, try baking soda mixed with a few drops of water. It will remove impurities and dead skin cells without using tough chemicals. For another way to gently yet effectively cleanse facial skin, try rice water. Rice contains vitamins and minerals that have healthful properties… read more

Solar Powered Cookout

Solar Powered Cookout

Teaching kids about renewable resources doesn’t always have to be a lecture or a lesson on paper. For example, all ages can appreciate a sun-cooked food festival, and the solar process makes for good dinner conversation. Getting outside and providing some hands-on explanation of how the sun’s energy can be applied is useful, teaches self-reliance and sustainability, and is fun for kids. Campfires and hot dog roasts are a rite of passage in some childhood circles. Instead of building a fire, build a solar hot dog cooker. Host an activity and have kids bring their own cardboard box. Gather a… read more

The Sun’s Magnetic Flip


You may have received warnings of upcoming changes in weather, or even noticed recent irregularities yourself over the last few days. Such has been made noticeable with severe storms, which in parts of the U.S. last night were marked by incessant pulsations of lightening, the sky intermittently flushed with white and brilliant shades of blue. If so, don’t panic. This is normal and may be the mere result of the sun’s ever-progressing reversal in magnetism. Every 11 years, there comes a peak in the solar cycle. This peak is known as the sun spot cycle, which results in the reversal… read more

Incredible Video Shows Three Years of Solar Activity in Three Minutes


For the past three years, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has continuously observed and documented the sun’s activity from space, taking an image of the sun every 12 seconds across 10 different wavelengths. And now we get to take advantage of some of that data (estimated at about 1.5 TB every single day) through this incredible video put together into a “time-lapse” with two images of the sun from each day. “SDO’s Atmospheric Imaging Assembly captures a shot of the sun every 12 seconds in 10 different wavelengths. The images shown here are based on a wavelength of 171 angstroms,… read more

How Toxic is Sunscreen?

Health warnings of sunscreen

On March 5, a study conducted by Australia’s National Measurement Institute was released by Friends of the Earth U.S. and Australia. The study measured the levels of titanium dioxide, a potentially toxic yet common ingredient, in sunscreen and other cosmetics. After evaluating eight products of major cosmetic brands, six were found to contain titanium dioxide. Specifically anatase titanium dioxide, a chemical that Italian scientists have warned as being “capable of destroying virtually any organic matter”, and nano anatase titanium dioxide. Results found that Nivea Kids Swim and Play Sunscreen, L’Oreal Infallable Advanced Never Fail Make-up, CoverGirl NatureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation,… read more

Lighting is Everything

Natural light

Or almost everything. Whether it is used to improve one’s mood or as a necessity to complete a task, a little change in lighting goes a long way. The best source of light remains daylight, which is preferred by humans because of the balanced color spectrum provided by sunlight. In areas where natural light cannot be incorporated, the switch to efficient lighting, like full-spectrum fluorescent light, has still been shown to benefit the mental and physical health of people. In schools, day light contributes to improve the overall health of students and teachers. Managed properly, daylight strengthens the concentration and mental clarity of students. Allowing more natural light in classrooms has  resulted in higher test scores,… read more

The Power of the Sun

Using the Power of the Sun

We keep thinking about our depleting natural resources and the eminent energy crisis that we all might face in the near future. But in spite of that, we are ignoring the never-ending nuclear fission gifted to us by nature: the SUN. This billion megaton powerhouse has been radiating its energy on earth for the past 4.5 billion years and is still no way near exhaustion. Even if we tap a fraction of this radiation it could permanently end our worries of depleted resources. The methodologies to tap this energy are many: Metal Smelting Solar Furnaces: By the use of large… read more

Purify Water on the Go!

Solar Bags

Planet earth is filled with two parts of water and one part of land. Though this accounts to an abundance of water, living requires only fresh water and very little of this available water is suitable for human consumption.  Moreover prime reason for mortality around the globe is unpurified, unclean water. Most of the developing and under developed countries try their level best to provide consumable water to their citizens but unfortunately they either lack sufficient technology or revenue to process the water into a consumable one. Industrial design students Ryan Lynch and Marcus have proposed a prototype realizing the… read more

Sun + Mirrors = Power


Leading green power companies have formed the Concentrating Solar Power Alliance

Green Louver Building

Green building

Architects Rothe Lowman White has launched an innovative green building in Melbourne, Australia. The $90 million office tower features louvers which are designed to follow the sun and thus provide the optimal mix of shade on the glass while allowing natural light to enter the building. The building consists of approximately 12,600 square meters (135,000 sq ft) of office space and 1,900 square meters (20,000 sq ft) of retail space over seven levels, and is located in the heart of South Melbourne a 10 minute walk from the CBD. The development has a street level bicycle facility featuring 85 secure… read more