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What’s In Season Now?


Eating seasonally can have enormously positive effects on the environment. It means you are more likely to eat locally which is wonderful for local farmers. The means by which the produce gets to your table will be drastically better for the environment than if it is shipped or flown in. This could also save you money as you are not forking out for transportation costs. Another important benefit is that the produce is less likely to be genetically modified. Eating seasonally is very good for your health too as fruits and vegetables are generally around when they are most beneficial… read more

Tips on Efficient House Preparations for Summer

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There are proper ways to get your home in shape for the summer, and then there’s the way most everyone else does it. We’d like to share some important tips and techniques to help you best ready for the summer heat waves. Some of our suggestions may seem like no-brainers, but they can often become neglected. The first is to use your air conditioning unit conservatively. This can be done in several ways. You can make sure to insulate your home so that no cool air escapes (this is also useful in the wintertime), purchase some oscillating floor fans to… read more

Keep Cool By Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool By Being Cool

When summer comes the warmer temperatures mean electricity bills shoot up as everyone turns on their air conditioners, cooling ducts, and other heat reducing equipment. This year make sure you tap into the newest & trendiest way to keep cool by installing a rooftop or terrace garden. The rooftop garden actually came about because many houses which were cramped up in the city had no way to access any natural light and greenery. The closest they could come to nature was the vista of trees & bushes from their windows. But the beauty and advantages of these artificial gardens forced the villa owners… read more

Summer Jobs for Teens


Whether you wish to gain experience before college, start a savings pool, or just want a productive way to whittle away vacation time, “green” jobs are a great way for teens to make a positive impact during their time off from scholastic duties. Work Locally Instead of applying to the nearest Starbucks, seek out positions at local cafes and bakeries instead, especially those who practice strong environmental stewardship. These could include coffee shops who only sell fair trade products or mom-and-pop restaurants who support local agriculture by using local and organic ingredients in their dishes. You could also apply for… read more

How Toxic is Sunscreen?

Health warnings of sunscreen

On March 5, a study conducted by Australia’s National Measurement Institute was released by Friends of the Earth U.S. and Australia. The study measured the levels of titanium dioxide, a potentially toxic yet common ingredient, in sunscreen and other cosmetics. After evaluating eight products of major cosmetic brands, six were found to contain titanium dioxide. Specifically anatase titanium dioxide, a chemical that Italian scientists have warned as being “capable of destroying virtually any organic matter”, and nano anatase titanium dioxide. Results found that Nivea Kids Swim and Play Sunscreen, L’Oreal Infallable Advanced Never Fail Make-up, CoverGirl NatureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation,… read more

Taking Advantage of Rain

Heavy rains in Africa

Summer is upon Swaziland, and summer rains are in abundance with rains experienced five days in a week on average. This article is dedicated to the many Swazi homes that have made a change and decided to take full advantage of the season. Many Swazi homes in both rural and urban areas have installed external water tanks for water recycling purposes. It seems that the average Swazi has heeded the call to save tap water by using tap water for domestic purposes that do not necessarily require tap water. These water tanks are strategically placed where the roof gutter deposits rain… read more