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Giving Green A Helping Hand

Giving Green a Helping Hand

One of the main consequences of climate change is that the world is being literally forced into finding alternatives to the way things have been done traditionally. Our consumption habits have particularly been challenged, because unlike in the past, our choices must be informed by our impact on the environment rather than the price at which goods or services are offered. This being the case, it will not be easy selling the “green living” philosophy to everyone. What informs spending habits differs from person to person, thus if the government is going to encourage green living there must be benefits… read more

Climate Aid, Climate Change

Climate change

Despite the American presidential race being done and over with (thankfully, for some), it is still a relevant and important note to make that climate change was mentioned once during the campaigns, amidst the flurry of other, lesser topics which happened to be more alluring to the consensus. However, the election may be over, but the threat of a worsening climate due to human action is far from gone. Public opinion has experienced a massive sweep toward taking action against climate change, and it has also recognized human activity being responsible for the changing climate; over two-thirds of those polled… read more