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Eco-Tech Startups To Watch Out For

Eco-Tech Startups

Green technology is a hot topic these days. A lot of new companies are joining the discussion either by reformatting their strategy, or by leaping headfirst into the fray with a bold new plan. It’s difficult to obtain funding for a startup these days, simply because the market is so saturated with them. If you’ve ever been in talks with a Venture Capitalist firm, you know it’s a tough sell. The companies below had their trial-by-fire, and came out of it on top, with eco-conscious products and ideas for us to enjoy. Laurus Energy: This company develops energy through coal… read more

Pocket Towel to Go

Photo Credit: Jimmy Pocket Towel

Did you know that 13 billion pounds of paper towels end up in our landfills every year? The Jimmy Towel is a reusable hand towel that folds down into a durable case for people to use whenever they find themselves in need of a towel away from home. The invention launched November 27th on crowd funding site Kickstarter and will be available there until December 27th. Ramsey and Lee Johnson hope that the Jimmy Towel will grow beyond just a project on Kickstarter but to an extension of the green movement that saves trees, reduces waste and brings greater consciousness… read more