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Every Drop Is Vital

Water conservation

Water neutrality is a self explanatory, though misleading, concept. It basically refers to encouraging all water users to engage in normal day to day activity whilst using the least water as possible. This can be done by adopting water conservation measures that limit the use of water without compromising results attained by using water liberally. It is misleading in that water neutrality can never be achieved, not even theoretically. Unlike carbon emissions, water usage cannot be reduced to nil. Water neutrality can be achieved by developing and using technology that will minimize the use of water in human activity. It… read more

Sports Arena Updated With Sustainable Design

Sports Arena Updated With Sustainable Design

Brazil is the home place of a large scale operation that modernized a sports stadium to meet greener operating standards. It is also the designated spot of the much awaited International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) 2014 World Cup. Initially built in1965, the Mineirão Stadium located in Belo Horizonte was in need of many upgrades. Sports stadiums use up enormous amounts of energy and materials in construction. Further, keeping them running can be costly and have a rather large, ongoing footprint. To make this particular structure more environmentally compliant several eco-focused designs were implemented, ending in a million dollar makeover. It… read more