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Reclaimed Wood Retreat


The Dezanove House is a gorgeous holiday villa located in Spain in the estuary of Arousa. Designed by Iñaki Leite, this sustainably built house is constructed from reclaimed wood that was obtained from a local fishing business. It is built for energy efficiency, containing optimal insulation and a sophisticated ventilation system. The building is composed of different wings, and the middle portion of the home protrudes into 2 separate units. In order to accentuate the zones the architect varied how the materials were used in each part. The left portion serves as the common area and is formed with simple concrete… read more

The Sloping, Bioclimatic House

Sloping Bioclimatic House in Tenerife

Spanish architect José Luis Rodríguez Gil built a peculiar shaped house with the aim to make it self-sufficient. Standing within the rocky arid landscape of Tenerife this piece of unique architecture integrates into the landscape thanks to its sloping façade. An innovative shelter located within the Bioclimatic Experimental Urbanization of ITER Park (Technological Institute for Renewable Energies), this house takes into account the cli­mate and environmental con­di­tions of the area while keeping a sustainable equilibrium. Made from a local basalt stonewall, which was the start of the project, this sloping house is topped by a light structure of plywood with galvanized steel walls and glass. Designed… read more