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The Most Beautiful Video on Earth

NASA ISS Earth at night

The world celebrates Earth Day today, the 22nd of April, with over one billion people taking part, according to Earth Day Network. The theme this year is ‘The Face of Climate Change’, and the idea is that we are all affected in some way by climate change. The impacts are real, not only on the natural environment, but also on people from all walks of life. If you need another reason to celebrate, here’s one. Watch this incredible montage of night-time images from the International Space Station, as produced by Knate Myers. Image Source

It’s Ions To Mars


When ion thrusters were first imagined in the 1960’s, they were little more than a pipedream curiosity. Now, NASA has logged over 43,000 continuous hours with their current model of the futuristic propulsion system. This is a new world record, and a sign that NASA is headed in the right direction. Ion propulsion differs from traditional chemical thrusters in that it doesn’t burn fuel. Instead, the thruster’s energy comes from solar panels or a nuclear-powered system. In the case of the NASA Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) ion engine, xenon molecules are ionized and then accelerated electrostatically using a cathode. The molecules… read more

The Farthest Galaxy

Image of numerous galaxy clusters

Scientists this past week, using a collaboration of natural and artificial telescopes, discovered the farthest known galaxy on record: MACS0647-JD. The galaxy is approximately 13.3 billion light years away, which also makes it one of the oldest known galaxies in the universe. Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institude in Baltimore, M.D. found the galaxy with assistance from the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes, along with utilizing naturally occurring cosmic “lenses”. The new found galaxy is much smaller than the Milky Way, at less than 600 light-years wide. Astronomers believe MACS0637-JD will one day collide with another galaxy and become a… read more

Viewing The Stars


We all enjoy a good stargazing session every once in awhile, though many of us live in the city, which makes it difficult to see through the lights, pollution, and skyscrapers. Fortunately, there are better solutions available than driving great distances to experience nature firsthand (although we recommend that also). Along with live stargazing resources, below are some terrific industry news websites for the space enthusiast in you. The first is called Spacevidcast. It’s a website with free live-streaming of celestial events, such as meteor showers, lunar eclipses, asteroid passes, and more. Whether you’re on break at work, or at… read more

Space Mining

Space Mining

When science fiction translates into reality, good things tend to happen. In the case of a new private sector undertaking, great things may be on the horizon for both space exploration and human achievement. The latest enterprise planned by legendary explorer/filmmaker James Cameron is something straight out of sci-fi movies and videogames; mining asteroids for precious metals and minerals. Helping form a company called Planetary Resources Inc, James Cameron and Google CEO Larry Page have ambitious plans for the future, and if realised, they might just push the world several eons ahead of our current technological limitations. These magnates of… read more