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New Faces In The Space Race

New Face in Space Race

Proponents of space exploration certainly recall the past predictions of science fiction that suggested we would be out of our Solar System by this time, and trudging on to other galaxies. Unfortunately, those travel plans have yet to materialize. NASA’s modern space program was designed with several purposes in mind, the foremost being human dominance in the universe. When President JFK announced the United State’s dedication towards reaching the Moon, he stoked an already blazing global space race that first began with the Russian ‘Sputnik’ program. Years later, amid budget cuts and the red tape of bureaucracy, we’ve still barely… read more

Space Colonization

Space Station concept

It’s something of a tragedy that the prospect of colonizing space never fully materialized after the end of the Cold War, when nationalism was at an all-time high, and our eyes looked to the stars for the next great adventure. As they say, lack of competition means a lack of progress. Traveling to the Moon in 1969 was achieved largely in part by the rivalry between the United States and Russia. The two superpower nations were battling it out for control of the cosmos, and the United States gained the upper hand when Neil Armstrong famously traversed our solar cousin…. read more