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Good and Bad Soy

Soy products

Typically, if you read about soy the text tends to be either overwhelmingly in favor of it or overwhelmingly negative towards the legume and its consumption. In reality there are both good and bad things about soy, as with any food, it is about what form you consume it in. To start off, soy is over-processed in western countries like the United States where it is mostly used as cattle feed. In fact, this ‘bad’ soy makes up a whopping 99 percent of soy use in the U.S. In other countries, like China, Japan, and Korea soy is consumed in… read more

Mass Soybean Production

Soybean Farming

Is mass production of soybeans sustainable? Evidence from South America suggests that the answer is “no.” Making way for soy farms requires not only clearing the land needed to grow the beans, but also the development of infrastructure to transport inputs and harvested produce. To make matters worse, most soy farms grow genetically modified crops, which present additional risks to the environment. When soybean farms take over, natural ecosystems are destroyed and biodiversity is diminished. Massive monocultures displace diversified subsistence farms, leaving local people short of food and afflicted with pesticide-induced health problems. Government funds are diverted to subsidize soybean… read more