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Designs With 8 Sections Form Completely Cool Pieces

Designs With 8 Sections Form Completely Cool Pieces

Furniture that offers different looks in addition to performing various functions are great pieces to incorporate in a home. A versatile piece in the textile family from designers Vyacheslav Chupakhin and Gennady Martynov is the Mandarin. This eye-catching ottoman can also be turned into an 8 piece pillow set. The sections are soft and covered in colorful fabrics that are connected by zippers. They can be put together into various shapes and forms, from a pillow for one to a sofa sectional. A crafty sewer could come up with a wedge shaped pattern of any size and seal the edges… read more

Bulk Importation of Booze Causes Concern

South African Wine Industry

South African wines are reknowned the world over. Wine makers particularly of the Western Cape region of South Africa export wines to numerous overseas territories. The way in which wine has been exported over the years is being challenged by the United Kingdom one of the biggest importers of South African wine, on environmental grounds. In past years, wines have primarily been exported by South Africa already bottled. The South African Fruit and Wine Industry Initiative reports that South Africa exports 412 million liters of wine every year, with 10% – 15% of that exported to the UK alone. In… read more

Oil Cans Make Functional Guitars


Bohemian Guitars is a company crafting real, functional guitars that are made from old oil-cans. The company was created by brothers Shaun and Adam Lee. Growing up part-time in Johannesburg, South Africa, they later witnessed, on a return visit, the ingenious use of oil cans by locals to create affordable instruments that they could play. The impressionable memory created by the South African townsfolk drove the brothers to make guitars themselves, also using recycled oil cans. The outcome proved a bit more sophisticated, resulting in fully-fledged electric guitars. Rather than imitating the do-it-yourself aesthetic to fit current trends, the bodies… read more