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Green is Gold

Green design for the future

Green is the Gold of the modern times. Gone are the days when machine age ruled the trend charts, the days when luxury was displayed by gas-guzzling heating or electricity-sucking lighting. With the rise in demand for energy the need and awareness for conserving it (and devising ways to conserve it) has also risen. This very trait is well displayed in the homes and the buildings of today. They are usually designed in order to use the maximum potential of natural and renewable resources. With this in mind, the luxuries should be designed with maximum organic resources and the non-eco-friendly… read more

Solar Powered Resilience

Solar Powered Resilience

Much of Bangladesh, especially in the northern areas, lie in flood zones. This is a highly populated country and millions, like those in Dhaka, have been greatly affected by flooding. People are still suffering from rising floodwaters that continue to devastate and displace millions of people. Climate change specialists and scientists predict that much of the country, nearly 20% of it, could completely vanish over the next several decades due to the effects of global warming. The flooding and lack of secure land space has caused the resilient people who live in these areas to acclimate in inventive ways just… read more

Living Off The Grid

Off The Grid Home

While few have actually accomplished it, the dream of disappearing from the grid is usually the stuff of Hollywood movies, where some old society-fearing individual decides to build his own establishment far from populated areas. After a quick reality check, we can say with certainty that this is not the case; not at all. Choosing to live independent of electricity, running water, and other government provided services does not make you an outcast. In fact, it is encouraged. However, it does not mean one has to trek to the wilderness of the desert, or the encompassing foliage of the forest…. read more

Investing in Solar Panels

Crowdfunded solar panels

As the demand for green technology increases, so will the amount of companies offering ecological solutions, such as hybrid cars, water conservative shower taps, and more. However, the demand for solar panels has increased exponentially since 2012, and is predicted to continue blowing up the green market well past 2013. Kickstarter, the recently famous crowd-funding website, where consumers can help finance the development and production of just about any type of project, has also recently passed the $1 million dollars in funding milestone for solar panels. Several companies have been successful on the website, such as SolarCity, which helps homeowners… read more

Costs Slow Solar Down

High Costs Slow Solar Down

In 2011, residential solar system installers paid a little over $1.80 per watt for solar panels in the United States, and added $4.36 per watt to the cost of the solar panel to complete an installation. Compared to other countries—specifically Germany, the world leader in solar energy—the cost in the United States to complete an installation is three times as much, leading to a lack of willingness for Americans to spend the high amount of money to install solar panels. However, a report released this month by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory explains why the costs in the United States are… read more

Solar Paint


Capturing and using the sun’s rays has always been an enthralling task for researchers and recent advancements in the electronics industry has brought a great deal of interest into the field of solar. A research team from Notre Dame University led by Prashant Kamat has created one such form of solar energy conversion where they introduce us to “solar paste” which will replace solar panels in the future. By simply painting the outside of a house with this special solar paste/paint electricity can be generated from the sun which would potentially power the home appliances inside. This paste is alcohol based… read more

DIY Eco Gadgets

Homemade solar panels

Sometimes, in the name of eco-friendly living, we must go out of our way to find the best alternatives to traditional lifestyle habits and necessities. Every now and then, it makes logical sense to create our own solutions for affordability reasons. This is a list of resources, tools, and tutorials on how to transform your home into an example of a eco-friendly living. Some of the projects range from simple to medium difficulty, and others are for more seasoned engineers and designers. If you can’t do these projects yourself, perhaps you know of somebody who can help. The first is… read more

Community Development

River Garden Apartments, Louisana

There are communities and neighborhoods all across the country attempting to solve energy and environmental dilemmas, and some are managing to be very successful in their efforts. Ranging from “green roofs”, roofs with foliage and gardens on top to diminish energy and heat absorption, or from communal energy pools which people can buy into a reap the benefits, there is an increasing trend in large-scale residential energy projects. As a result of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, a rundown low-income housing project has been the focus of several government agencies working to revitalize it through sustainable and renewable technologies. Formerly… read more

Solar Powered Toys

Solar Powered Toys

There are many items that teach solar power along with promoting fun. Kids of all ages can learn about science, green energy and how solar power really works by seeing it firsthand. The following are a few ideas for play where solar power’s fun side definitely shows up. There are an ever increasing assortment of solar powered robots, remote control cars and even kits that allow you to build your own solar propelled designs. The OWI 6 In 1 Solar Kit from Edmund Scientifics is a miniature solar building set with interesting combinations. It can be turned into six different small-scale… read more

Wood Burning and Data

Wood burning

Given the rising costs in fossil fuels, and subsequent rising heating costs, many Americans are looking for alternatives to contemporary heating options. Among other means of heating, traditional wood-burning has surged, especially in areas which are anticipating cold and extreme winters like the northeast United States. Wood pellets are being used, instead of logs, due to the lessened impact on the environment, and also the reduction in toxic emissions. The wood pellets also burn better and stronger, resulting in stronger, longer fires, which also contributes to the efficiency. It has to be kept in mind though that while technically a… read more