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Mining Jobs Left Behind

Thermal Solar Plant in Mojave Desert

Check out this awesome slideshow of the world’s largest thermal solar plant under construction in the Mojave desert. When completed, the mind-blowing 300,000 mirrors will put out over 377MW of energy from the sun. It’s a massive undertaking, and one that will only set the bar higher and higher for thermal solar energy plants. In related news, solar plant workers officially eclipsed the amount of miners in the United States. While the numbers fluctuate (80 solar jobs in Alaska compared to 43,000 in California), the total amount of people employed in the solar field is a whopping 119,000+. Right now,… read more

Solar Industry On The Rise

Solar On The Up

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released data late last year which showed 684 megawatts of solar photovoltaic capacity was installed in the quarter ending October 2012, 44 percent more than in the third quarter of 2011. During the first three quarters of the year, the solar industry added 1,992 megawatts of solar power, compared with 885 megawatts for all of 2011. This increase brings installed photovoltaic capacity to 5.9 gigawatts, which could power slightly under one million average American homes, according to SEIA. The surge in solar installations, and thus capacity, is attributed to not only lower costs of… read more

Carbon Solar Cells


Solar cells are the greatest hope for mankind with a shortage of fossil fuel. We read a lot about solar cells and improvements in this field but a true revolution in solar cells is not happening. There are many reasons for the gap between solar cells and ordinary man but one of the main handbrakes is the expense of the materials used. Some recent breakthrough research at Stanford University looks promising and will give hope to the solar cell field using an inexpensive substitute, carbon. The research team has successfully built a thin film solar cell prototype which is coated with… read more

Welcome Boost in Jobs

Job growth in solar industry

At a time when a primary concern for the U.S. is jobs, unemployment, and underemployment, news of job growth is always good and welcomed. Further, news of job growth in an industry plagued by setbacks and challenges can flip an industry from crippled confidence to burgeoning. On November 2nd, The Solar Foundation (TSF) announced encouraging statistics showing despite recent false starts and layoffs, the U.S. solar industry is expanding nearly six times more than that of the overall economy. The report reiterates and adds to the credibility of earlier studies suggesting a similar boom in the solar industry, though the… read more

Solar Industry Stabilization

Solar Industry Stabilization

On the heels of a record-setting 2011 for photovoltaic manufacturing and sales, the 2012 end-market doesn’t look like it will come close to matching those numbers. NPD Solarbuzz, a research, analysis, and consulting firm for photovoltaic products, stated there will be just less than 30 GW of photovoltaic demand in 2012, citing global trade barriers and market consolidation as the main reasons of the decreasing marketplace demand. As a result, the companies which manufacture photovoltaic products that survive the market could be set for big rewards in 2013. Solarbuzz went on to say it believes next year will experience a… read more