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Solar Impulse Plane To Fly Coast-to-Coast

Image of Solar Impulse Plane on runway

A wonderful new accomplishment in the field of aeronautics was accomplished the other day. The first ever of its kind, the solar-powered airplane completed part of its journey from California to New York; landing in Phoenix, Arizona after an 18-hour flight. Solar-powered airplanes have long been a hobby of aeronautic enthusiasts, and a long term goal of plane manufacturers, but getting the engine to the sort of efficiency needed to fly during both daytime and nighttime conditions hasn’t been invented yet. Hopefully, this new development will spur a new wave of research and testing to create the world’s first solar-powered… read more

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse

Humans have always been fascinated by flight. This, in combination with a desire to construct a greener technology to do so, culminated in the first ever aeronautical adventure of its kind. An aircraft called Solar Impulse, created and navigated by two men from Switzerland, has managed to fly around the world on shear solar power. It is the brainchild of André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, and is true ingenuity in motion. Though there have been other solar inventions capable of flight, this is the first solely sun-powered airplane that can also be flown at night. This is due to the… read more

Solar Powered Air Travel

Solar Impulse 2013

With its huge wingspan equal to that of an Airbus A340 and its weight that of an average car, the Solar Impulse prototype presents physical and aerodynamic features never seen before in an aircraft. Carbon fiber structure, propulsion chain, flight instrumentation, everything has been designed to save energy, to resist the hostile conditions facing an airplane, and pilot, at high altitudes and to marry weight restraints with the required strength. The Solar Impulse uses no fuel. At midday, each square meter of land surface receives, in the form of light energy, the equivalent of 1000 watts, or 1.3 horsepower of… read more