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3D Graphene Could Boost Thin Film Solar

3D Honeycombed Graphene Could Boost Thin Film Solar

Dye-sensitized solar cells are one of the up-and-coming renewable energy technologies, due to their flexibility, ease of production, and relatively low cost. But one of the materials essential to their manufacture, even if only in small amounts, is platinum, which currently costs as much as $1500 per ounce. But a recent breakthrough by a scientist at Michigan Technological University could replace the need for platinum in dye-sensitized solar cells by using a structure made from a plentiful and inexpensive material. Professor Yun Hang Hu and his team developed a way to inexpensively synthesize a new 3D version of graphene (a… read more

From Quiet Achiever To The World Solar Challenge

From Quiet Achiever To The World Solar Challenge

What’s more fun that racing around a solar powered vehicle? How about a race that involves 47 teams of them from 26 countries in a world solar and electric car competition that is the largest of its kind in the world? The World Solar Challenge is a global event that was initially the idea of Hans Tholstrup, who built a solar vehicle called the Quiet Achiever. In 1982 he took his handcrafted vessel on a drive from the west through the east of Australia. Not wanting to contain the fun and challenge of building a solar car, he enticed others… read more