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GoSunStove: Portable High-Efficiency Solar Cooker

Solar cooking

Using the free energy supplied by the sun to cook our food is a great way to get started with renewable energies and sustainable and appropriate technology, but because most of the solar ovens on the market are large and unwieldy, and not very efficient, solar cooking hasn’t been very widely adopted, except in places with no other alternative. But a new portable high-efficiency solar stove that can heat up quickly and efficiently, as well as hold the heat in during cloudy intervals, promises to bring solar cooking into the 21st century. The GoSunStove, weighing in at just 3.5 pounds,… read more

The Appeal of Solar Ovens

Cooking With a Solar Oven

Utilizing the sun’s power for cooking has long been employed for basic survival needs. Solar cooked foods retain their nutrients without overcooking, and ovens can be portable and used all year long to make a variety of foods. Solar cookers can be small-scale or commercial sized to meet cooking needs. They can be purchased ready to go or kits are available. You can also build your own solar cooker with a few materials. Though numerous variations of solar cookers exist, there are three main types which allow the capture of heat energy that can be used for cooking. 1. Heat-trap boxes/box cookers… read more