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UNSW Team Unveils “Practical” Solar Electric Car

UNSW Team Unveils "Practical" Solar Electric Car

The UNSW Solar Racing Team, also known as Sunswift, has just unveiled their entry into this year’s World Solar Challenge, and its design is a bit of a departure from the traditional single-seaters that get designed for this challenging race. Instead of a vehicle that would look right at home in a sci-fi movie, the team at Sunswift built their latest solar car with a sporty two-door design that could be a candidate for the practical solar car of the future. “Boasting zero-emissions, the solar-powered beauty leans towards private transport applications, standing with the potential to be Australia’s first practical… read more

Stanford Unveils 2013 Solar Challenge Car


In the realm of solar electric cars, the yearly World Solar Challenge (WSC) is the most competitive and challenging race in the world, forcing teams to push the limits of their knowledge and technology to build a car that can stand up to the race conditions across 2000 miles of the Outback. The 2013 entry from the Stanford Solar Car Project, “Luminos“, was just unveiled, and it promises to be a strong contender in this year’s WSC, which will include 47 teams from 26 countries. According to the team, for this year’s car, there were several major changes, including the… read more

From Quiet Achiever To The World Solar Challenge

From Quiet Achiever To The World Solar Challenge

What’s more fun that racing around a solar powered vehicle? How about a race that involves 47 teams of them from 26 countries in a world solar and electric car competition that is the largest of its kind in the world? The World Solar Challenge is a global event that was initially the idea of Hans Tholstrup, who built a solar vehicle called the Quiet Achiever. In 1982 he took his handcrafted vessel on a drive from the west through the east of Australia. Not wanting to contain the fun and challenge of building a solar car, he enticed others… read more