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An Air Quality Egg For Community Awareness


This week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite eco-tech projects that have successfully received funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today’s choice is the ‘Air Quality Egg‘ from Sensemakers. The “egg” is a computerized air quality monitor that connects to your computer and phone wirelessly. With it, you can monitor the air quality outside your home, in a nearby park,  the outskirts of town where all the factories reside, and more. Essentially, it’s an open-sourced social network for eco-conscious individuals to share their findings with the world. The team received their full funding in the spring of 2012. You can purchase… read more

Blue Zones, What’s Their Secret?

Blue Zones, What’s Their Secret?

There are certain regions in the world where people tend to live longer, be healthier and report greater life satisfaction. For almost 10 years Dan Buettner has been examining these places, and trying to understand what advantages or environmental differences exist in them. In collaboration with National Geographic, experts in their fields and researchers who specialize in long life spans, they have looked into these sections of the world and their inhabitants. In order to find the top zones, the team investigated 3 global databases involving factors of well-being. Looking at a 95% representative sample of the total world population,… read more