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Making It Clean With Homemade Soaps

Making It Clean With Homemade Soaps

Sensitive skin, irritating fragrances and expensive prices are some reasons to consider making homemade soap. Store bought soaps can contain synthetic chemicals that can be aggravating. Also, antibacterial soaps containing triclosan, an antimicrobial agent that was initially listed as a pesticide, have been under scrutiny for potentially causing developmental and health problems. Making homemade soap means that any recipe can be tailored to suit personal preferences or address specific skin conditions. Soap crafting can be perfected by the skilled soap maker, but it can also be done by novices. There are countless recipes for do it yourself soaps requiring varying… read more

Making Your Own Shampoo

Making your own shampoo

There can be some nasty harsh chemicals out there in commercially made shampoo’s, so here is a how to guide make an easy, organic shampoo for yourself or for a beautifully crafted home-made gift. The base ingredient we shall use is Castile Soap. Originating in Castile, Spain, it has come to mean a vegetable based soap. It should generally be made of predominantly olive oil and other vegetable oils. It should not contain any synthetic foaming agents or detergents or it defeats the purpose of making your own. There are some wonderful products online and of course you could find… read more