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The SmartWatch Revolution Is Upon Us


Not so long ago, the digital watch was the cool, hip new timepiece on the market. Then came the 1st generation of “smart watches”, though we cringe at calling them even that. Those early pioneers were little more than laggy, expensive electronic statements of wealth, and we’re perfectly OK with them staying right were they are in the tech junkyard. Last year, Pebble successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a new generation of smartwatches. Their $150 model syncs via bluetooth with smartphones and displays emails, texts, phone calls, and more. Last week, Samsung finally announced their “Galaxy Gear” smartwatch,… read more

A Free And Open World

Open World Concept

We’ve all heard the dream of “creating an open world”, usually spoken during tech conferences or plastered on smartphone and laptop boxes. But do we know what it really means? In this segment, much like the Day In The Life Of 2025 article, we’ll provide an insight into what an open world will look like. Picture this: You walk into a museum with your family and friends. You admire the beautiful display of paintings and sculptures, but you don’t notice any writing around them describing what you’re seeing. Why? Because your augmented reality glasses display the information around you. The HUD… read more