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Compact Speaker Systems – How Do They Sound?

Compact Speaker Systems - How Do They Sound?

With portability and versatility in mind, compact speaker systems are popping up all over that are designed to work with smartphones, tablets and laptops. These are space saving and can carry less of an impact than larger scale models. Vers has a line of speakers that come in handcrafted wood cabinets that are said to enhance the sound quality. The Vers 1Q started as a concept product on Kickstarter and is now available. When 2 of the 1Qs are combined they become a 13 watt stereo system, and this also comes standard in the 2Q. The company has an environmentally responsible… read more

The iPhone Charger with a Built-In Battery


One way to make sure you never miss a cell phone call or a photo opportunity or the chance to play Angry Birds at the spur of the moment is by carrying your charger, as well as a backup battery for your smartphone with you wherever you go. And with this portable USB charger, the Bolt, you get both in one small package. It’s billed as “the world’s smallest portable iPhone USB wall charger”, and it can not only charge up your phone, but because it’s combined with a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable backup battery, can also be used for powering… read more

A Keyless Smart Bike Lock: LOCK8

A Keyless Smart Bike Lock: LOCK8

With more and more of us riding our bikes each day, the need inevitably arises for a better bike lock, and one that is not only secure, but that can also help us track down our bike in the event that it does get stolen. And because so many of us also own a smartphone, integrating a high-tech bike lock with a smartphone solution just makes sense. With the coming of the LOCK8, billed as the “world’s first smart bike lock”, that solution is on its way. Combining a secure bicycle lock with a keyless system that can not only… read more

Mobile Lightweight Takes Load off Automobiles


The technology entrapped in the slender pane through which millions view their Smartphone screen display will soon be utilized to make automobiles lighter and thus, improve fuel economy. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is a strong yet pliable glass that is currently used on 1.5 billion electronic devices worldwide. With Gorilla Glass, Corning developed a new atomic composition for glass that has contributes less damage to the environment than competitor materials like Sapphire Glass, which is not actually glass but a crystalline material. First launched in 2007, the company has introduced three versions of the material. All of them greatly improve the… read more

Smartphone Cases That Do More Than Cover

Smartphone Cases That Do More Than Cover

The days of phone cases that just protect your phone may be over. In the past couple of years solar gadgets have been gaining in popularity for their smart, functional designs. They are also becoming more advanced. Many companies are offering solar powered chargers for smartphones and other gear, but some are going beyond basic chargers and are incorporating them into the actual case of the phone. Resiliently made solar panels integrated in a sturdy case can eliminate the problem of battery drain, which is a notorious problem with many smartphones. The SLXtreme from Snow Lizard Products is a durable… read more

Turn Your Smartphone Into Smart Remote for Your House

Turn Your Smartphone Into Smart Remote Control for Your House

We can watch funny cat videos while we wait for the bus, or check our email while on a walk, or share pictures of our lunch, almost instantly, with our smartphones. We’re almost always just a click away from being connected to the internet, whether we’re at home, at work, or at play, and our smartphones, with their powerful processing power, can make so many things easier for us. However, our smartphones aren’t nearly as connected they could be, as we still need to manually turn off the lights at home, or lower the temperature for the AC or heater,… read more

The electree Grows Power and Visual Appeal

The electree Grows Power and Visual Appeal

What do you get when you cross the natural form of a tree with artful technology? A prototype for a solar design that looks like no other, called electree. Surfacing as a project on Kickstarter a while back, this design features both aesthetics and necessity. Adding sunlight to this digital tree won’t make it grow, but it will charge gadgets. Resembling a sculpture of a bonsai tree with many mirrored branches, the electree is a solar charger with interesting appeal. It charges smartphones as well as other devices, and the sample creation has some promising features. The tree absorbs sunlight through its… read more