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Compact, Affordable Bluetooth Smart Bulb Available for Pre-order

Compact, Affordable Bluetooth Smart Bulb Available for Pre-order

If you’ve been yearning to get smarter lighting for your home or office, but have been put off by the relatively high price of smart LED bulbs, now’s your chance to reserve a compact, Bluetooth-enabled smart bulb, controlled by your smartphone, and capable of producing a huge range of colors. The LuMini, which is a smaller and more affordable version of Tabu‘s Lumen TL800 LED smart bulb, which can fit into a standard light bulb socket, and be precisely controlled through an app on your smartphone. This new version is more of a mood lighting and accent lamp than the… read more

Smart Plug Monitors and Controls Energy Consumption

Smart Plug Monitors and Controls Energy Consumption

One simple way to not only save money, but to also lower your carbon footprint, is to get a better handle on your energy consumption. Looking at your monthly utility bill can give you a ‘big picture’ look at your energy use, but it doesn’t show you which appliances are using the most energy, and when, or if those energy expenditures are wasteful or not. The coming age of the Internet of Things, and the trend of more connected gadgets, has brought us some easy to use tools that can give us precise statistics on our household energy consumption, from… read more

Affordable Smart Plugs & LEDs Controlled by Smartphone

Affordable Smart Plugs & LEDs Controlled by Smartphone

If you want to begin turning your house or apartment into a smart home, but you don’t want to have to put down a lot of money on a whole house solution, there’s a new product that can help you get started, plug by plug and bulb by bulb. The Plugaway system uses affordable smart plugs (about $30 AUD) and smart LED bulbs (about $45 AUD) that can be plugged in wherever you like, between the appliance plug and the outlet, and can be controlled via smartphone. The Plugaway devices connect with your home WiFi network, and can be used… read more

Is This the World’s Smartest Light Switch?

World's Smartest Light Switch Offers Gesture Control

The coming “Internet of Things” is already in play at some houses, at least in parts and pieces, through home automation hardware, smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, and even smart garden sensors. And now, a new piece of the puzzle, smart lighting, is on its way, thanks to Goldee, which is being billed as the “world’s smartest light switch.” The Goldee Light Controller, which can be installed like any standard light switch, is compatible with regular lightbulbs, but in order to take advantage of the device’s “light scenes” and smart features, should be paired up with the new generation of… read more

Turn Your Smartphone into a Universal Smart Home Remote

Turn Your Smartphone into a Universal Smart Home Remote

A new app and control hub can allow you to turn your house into a smart home, and control all the appliances from your smartphone. One of the huge advantages of moving away from standalone ‘dumb’ appliances and toward connected smart devices in our homes is not just the increased energy efficiency that is possible, but also the convenience of being able to remotely control and program every connected device for a more comfortable home. And with Dymotics, that capability is easier than ever before. With the Dymotics app, your smartphone becomes a universal automation remote to control any of… read more

App Saves 27% on Home Heating Costs


We may think that the smart home of the future will eventually spring into existence, fully finished and integrated and built from the ground up to be wired and optimized, but the reality is that it will probably happen bit by bit, as the technology and hardware get cheaper and easier to install. And in that case, the smart home is getting closer and closer every day, with more new interconnected gadgets and appliances hitting the market, and more home automation solutions, such as this one, which is billed as an “intelligent heating app”. tado° is not just an app,… read more

Turn Your Smartphone Into Smart Remote for Your House

Turn Your Smartphone Into Smart Remote Control for Your House

We can watch funny cat videos while we wait for the bus, or check our email while on a walk, or share pictures of our lunch, almost instantly, with our smartphones. We’re almost always just a click away from being connected to the internet, whether we’re at home, at work, or at play, and our smartphones, with their powerful processing power, can make so many things easier for us. However, our smartphones aren’t nearly as connected they could be, as we still need to manually turn off the lights at home, or lower the temperature for the AC or heater,… read more

Wattio Offers Complete SmartHome Platform


Convert your home into a smart home with Wattio’s SmartHome 360º system, and take complete control of the energy used to power or heat it, right from your smartphone or tablet. Wattio’s system uses smart gateways, thermostats, energy monitors, and plugs, networked together so that users can monitor and control everything with an app or via a web browser, potentially saving both money and energy. In-home control of the SmartHome 360º is through the Wattio Gateway, which functions as both the hub for the system and as a local display of settings. The Wattio Thermic replaces the thermostat for temperature… read more

Wireless Mesh Network Allows for Remote Home Automation


A new smartphone and web app will let users control their home, pool, or spa, wherever they are, using a wireless mesh “Z-Wave” network of devices. Homeowners can connect with their smart home from anywhere they have access to the internet access, enabling remote video of their property, access to the security system, and total control over all of the connected devices. With the growing demand for home automation, apps and devices that can deliver a total solution that’s simple, powerful, and affordable will allow for more entry-level smart home installations, which can lead to better and more efficient use… read more