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Masdar City And The World of Tomorrow

Masdar City

We’ve written about floating islands, Mars colonies, the future, and more. Now we’ll give you a glimpse of what the next eco-centric city might look like, and you’ll find it, of all places, in the Middle East. Why would a place known the world over for its petroleum exports build a solar-powered city? Well, for starters, because it’s in their best interests. At this point and time, alternative energy is on the up-and-up. Oil-powered vehicles will be a thing of the past in the next couple of decades. Masdar City won’t be built overnight, so it’s wise to plan ahead…. read more

Smart Tech for EV Charging Could Cut Charge Costs in Half


A trial of an electric vehicle ‘smart’ charging technology in Australia found that, when used together with a smart meter/grid, the costs for charging an electric vehicle could be cut in half. The project, which paired the ChargeIQ charging technology with Victoria’s Smart Grid, was the first of its kind to feature end-to-end use of the smart meters for managing electricity demand, and the findings could help to further boost the integration of EVs on the grid. According to the results of the trial, drivers could save about 50% on their charging costs each year, while also helping to optimize… read more

Scotland Opens Smart Grid Research Center


The future of electrical distribution will be a smart one. The smart grid is a great concept, but the integration and implementation of large-scale models needs a lot more research to bring it up to full potential. That’s where Scotland’s new Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) comes in. This world-class smart grid research and testing hub will enable developers, engineers, researchers, and businesses to come together to accelerate the adoption of advanced grid technologies. The PNDC, at the University of Strathclyde, has a small-scale, independent power network (11kV/400V) that can be reconfigured for developing and integrating the newest research in… read more

First Full-Scale Smart Grid Now Online


While many components of smart grid systems, such as smart meters, are in place with a number of utilities, until just recently, there hasn’t been a comprehensive and full-scale smart grid in place. But an $800 million (USD) Florida Light and Power (FPL) project integrates all of the components necessary for a true smart grid, and is now networked and capable of monitoring and controlling every aspect of it. This project, said to be the first of its kind (at least in terms of scope and scale), uses thousands of sensors at key places in the grid, including local distribution… read more

Are You Grid Smart?

Smart Grid technology

A more efficient and consistent alternative to the dated grid system