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Small Business Savings

Small business tips for saving

While solar panels and fuel cell energy use can contribute to more efficient business practices, not everyone is able to make such investments in the foreseeable future. Though small businesses may not have infinite funds, the economic stability of the U.S. owes a lot to them. Over the last decade it was small businesses, not major corporations, who generated 60 – 80 percent of all new jobs each year. Yet they rarely get the breaks allotted to larger companies. But by taking simple measures, small businesses can save money while keeping in ranks with major corporations. Switching It Up A simple change in lighting goes a long way and many companies are making the switch from incandescent light bulbs… read more

Social Media Society

Social Media Society

The impact of social media on society’s development hasn’t fully been measured just yet, but we can see that its impression has spread worldwide and in places one wouldn’t expect. Recently, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have become the mediums through which revolutions rise and fall, the final say in political elections, and the grapevine for all of the world’s gossip to flow. This behavioral trend would explain why nearly 1 billion users spend their time on Facebook, how Twitter has nearly 200 million followers, and how social media is replacing traditional media in some instances as the… read more

Support Local Business

Supporting Local Business

There is a novelty to visiting a local shop. When you enter one of these shops you’re taking part in someone’s dream and making it reality tangible. We shouldn’t view local businesses in nostalgic regards. By shopping locally, you invest in your city and strengthen the fabric of its culture. One of the best places to do so is ‘downtown’. Downtowns were once the pulse of every large city or town and have sadly been in a state of decline. Still, there are few other places where you can grab a coffee, trade books, buy unique apparel, laze under the… read more