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Call For Global Citizens To Rock Out World Hunger

Call For Global Citizens To Rock Out Hunger

Live music, a crowd and good vibes are essential at a music festival. Taking music events a step beyond is Hugh Evans and the vision of the Global Citizen Festival. The Global Citizen Festival is an annual music project featuring live performances. More than a celebration of music, though, it has the heftier goal of working with the Global Poverty Project to end extreme poverty by 2030. The motivator behind the movement, Hugh Evans, reminded that in 2010 statistics concluded that 1.2 billion live in extreme poverty, and the Global Citizen Festival recognizes the need for businesses and government to… read more

Landfill Harmonic Orchestra: An Inspirational Composition

Landfill Harmonic Orchestra: An Inspirational Composition

This isn’t just another story of how recycled materials have been turned into new items. In a dumping ground alongside the Paraguay River where over 1,500 tons of waste enters everyday, polluting the waterways which are also the area’s drinking supply, are where around 500 recycling workers and their children hunt through castoffs and refuse, continually digging and sorting. Often referred to as a sea of garbage, the murky slum of Cateura, Paraguay is one of the poorest zones in the region, causing the polluted landfill the area is built upon to be the main source of available livelihood for… read more