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Recycled Newspapers Offer 3 Unique Designs

Recycled Newspapers Turned Into 3 Unique Designs

In 2010, the recycling rate of newspapers in the U.S. reached almost 72%. Newspapers can be reprocessed into many different objects, and some designers have turned to the medium as a resource for their works. Below are some creations that are definitely an upscale effort of what is possible with recycled newspapers. Ivano Vitali knows the capabilities of recycled resources. Creating sustainable art with them for decades, one development that used newspaper as fabrics produced a clothing line that looks more stylishly complicated than the papered headlines they came from. Uniquely colored and textured, the time consuming collection process and… read more

Cigarette Butts Get A Makeover

Cigarette Butts Get A Makeover

Eco fashions are available in many varieties and from many materials. However, one source for sustainable design that might seem a little outlandish has been used to make a handful of inventive custom wear. Littered cigarette butts are not the most inspiring source, unless you are Alexandra Guerrero. Mantis, her design company, unusually integrated the discarded butts into a line of haute couture a few years back that doesn’t look anything like what would come out of an ashtray. According to an interview with GreenMuze the idea began with a thesis topic proposal for school. A focus on recycled materials… read more