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The World’s Greenest Skyscraper

One World Trade Centre

From the ashes of the World Trade Center rises the world’s greenest skyscraper – One World Trade Center. The tragedy of the famed Twin Towers buildings will pave the way for another feat of engineering in the building set to replace them. The architects of the new WTC are shooting to win a number of eco-friendly awards, including a LEED certification (a step below Platinum status), Net Zero CO2 footprint, and more. Some of the aspects of the building’s design include what’s known as Daylighting. This is where the lighting from the windows is equivalent to the lighting provided by… read more

Giant Skyscraper With Innovative Design


India seems to be the leading country when it comes to large and over-the-top skyscraper designs, and they’ve recently struck gold yet again. Smith + Gill Architects revealed their plans for Imperial Tower; a 116 story skyscraper set to take the throne as Mumbai’s largest building. The news is big, but it’s the company’s description of the building that’s caused some head-scratching among those in the industry. “The building is designed to confuse the wind….If we think of this thing as an instrument, you’re cutting grooves into the body, you can basically define the characteristics of its behavior.” Essentially, the… read more

The Downdraft Tower – A Windy Alternative


We know skyscrapers – and other structures of human occupation – consume a lot of energy over their lifetime, but what if there was a skyscraper that generated energy instead? When completed, the proposed Downdraft Tower will make this possible. The Downdraft Tower is the central project of the Clean Wind Energy company, a public company who focuses on green alternatives to traditional wind sourced energy. Further developing a concept that was created nearly thirty years ago, the tower would utilize proven methods to create a reliable source of wind energy. The tower could operate in most climates, though it is… read more

The Building Scraping the Sky

Dubai Tower landscape

Our population is growing at a rate of 77 million people per year, and shows no signs of slowing down. In countries like China and India,  their populated areas are full of dangerous and unsanitary housing, plumbing, rundown schools and major traffic snarls. It is clear that reformation is well overdue, and the solution may be found by reaching for the stars. The tallest building in the world right now is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. Formerly known as the Dubai Tower, the Khalifa is home to approximately 30,000 people, or the population of a small city. It cost… read more