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Singapore to get Driverless Electric Shuttle

Singapore to get Driverless Electric Shuttle

The future of public transportation, at least on a smaller scale, may be not only electric vehicles, but driverless electric vehicles that can autonomously navigate along pre-determined routes and drop passengers at their choice of stops. In Singapore, an autonomous electric shuttle will soon be put into service on a two kilometer route between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and JTC Corporation’s (JTC) CleanTech Park, allowing for a real-world test of the system. During the initial two-year partnership between NTU, JTC and Induct Technologies, the shuttles will be tested, improved, and optimized, with the aim of providing a safe and reliable… read more

Gardens By The Bay

Photo by Darren Chin

In June, one of the first phases of Singapore’s dramatic Gardens by the Bay project opened to the public following the completion of the 133 acre Bay South Garden. Gardens by the Bay is one of the largest garden projects of its kind in the world.  Ultimately, the site will total 250 acres which comprise of three distinct gardens. Those are the Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. Gardens by the Bay is located in Singapore’s new downtown at Marina Bay. Taking inspiration from the form of an orchid, Grant Associates’ planned an affluent fusion of nature, technology and environmental… read more