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These Designs Will Brighten Up Your Day

These Designs Will Brighten Up Your Day

Do the days seem dreary? Winter can often bring on strings of long, dismal days and frosty nights. The following pieces would certainly brighten up their surroundings, and would add some color to any gloomy, cold day. This bright silk stool, chair and ottoman combination is from Meb Rure. The bases are formed from white oak and the legs are detachable for easy transport. The vivid cushion portions are made by using recycled silk yarns that come from Nepal. Reusing the silk yarns cuts down on fabric waste, and probably provides some cushy seating. The insides of the tufts contain sponge… read more

The Unique Sounding Seaweed and Silk Dress

The Unique Sounding Seaweed and Silk Dressdetail

The Masai dress from Studio 5050 is more than a pretty dress. It is also an unexpected poetic symphony. Inspired by a collar that makes slight swinging sounds when worn due to its silver beaded design, this dress applies the same structure and vocal principles. The designer stated that the dress was an “a-ha! moment” that struck while wearing the collar and doing a little cleaning up in the studio. Though most of us may not get that inspired during cleaning time and would have only been entertained by the sound the collar made, probably also appreciating the feel and… read more