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Graphene Paint: A solar wonder

Graphene Paint

A little while ago, we wrote about the potential new uses for ‘Graphene’; a natural element similar to silicon in its uses. Today we’re showcasing the possibilities for graphene paint. Basically, graphene is a light, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to silicon and other such elements. It’s planned uses include solar farms, vehicles, and electronics. Graphene paint opens the door to wonderful possibilities, and makes it widely available to the public, rather than just commercial/industrial uses. For now, graphene paint won’t be available until some time in the future. Still, scientists are very optimistic about the development and conversion of paint. Since graphene… read more

Goodbye Silicon, Hello Graphene

Graphene electrodes

Silicon, the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust, and eighth most abundant in the entire universe, may have just taken a backseat to a lesser known element: Graphene. One of silicon’s best uses is in solar cells, though that may all change soon. According to MIT, Graphene has the potential of providing 60 percent more energy efficiency than silicon. So far, there aren’t any devices capable of using graphene to harvest energy, however, in the near future when companies begin testing and developing such machines, we may very well have a revolution in solar energy on our hands…. read more