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Gasp! Showering Too Much Is Unhealthy


Researchers have discovered that overexposure to chemicals found in shampoo, soap, conditioner, and body oils is actually damaging to our bodies. Wasting water is also harmful for numerous other reasons, on top of the health concerns, and you can read more about saving water here. Check it:

OrbSys Shower Saves 90% of the Water, 80% of the Energy


Considering how precious clean water is in our world, and the amount of energy it takes to clean it and heat it and deliver it to our homes, letting the water in our showers run right down the drain, most of it without even touching us, seems rather silly and wasteful. But a new type of shower system could take our wasteful shower habit and turn it into a water and energy efficient method of getting clean, as it is said to save up to 90% of the water and 80% of the energy, when compared to a standard shower… read more

Crowdsourcing the Shower of the Future

Hollow Water Showers

With the current pressures on water supply systems around the world, and the emphasis to conserve water so as to not waste this precious resource, having a better shower could go a long way toward changing water use habits in the developed world. And one company wants your help to design the shower of the future, offering cash prizes and a trip to London for the winners. Do you think you can design a more efficient, smarter shower, capable of being not only enjoyable, but also more sustainable? Then you might want to hit the drawing board and come up… read more