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The Wabi House Just Might Make You Smarter

The Wabi House Just Might Make You Smarter

Located in Carlsbad, California, the Wabi House is a thoughtful build centered around nature and purpose. Sebastian Mariscal Studio headed the project, which was a renovation that updated the former ranch style home. The exterior is mostly concrete and charred cedar, a Shou Sugi Ban technique which provides durability and minimal upkeep. Nestled behind a forest-like canopy, the landscape features no maintenance plant selections and the rooftop deck and garden offers a view from above. The home has gorgeous Japanese style entryways and windows that provide openness and optimal cross ventilation. Wall length glass doors that are positioned across the living quarters… read more

Energy Neutral Home With Shou Sugi Ban Technique

Energy Neutral Home With Shou-Sugi-Ban Technique

Energy neutral homes focus on sustainable features, but this home located in Amsterdam, Netherlands also has an artistic element. Designed and orchestrated by Pieter Weijnen of Faro architects, Steigereiland 2.0 is a home with an interesting exterior look. Sometimes townhouses or row homes can all blend together, but this one subtly stands out among its stylish neighbors with its own distinct and inventive expression. It is a cradle to cradle construction, as all materials that were used are recyclable or compostable. The design team researched ways to optimize energy and material use to produce a fully efficient building. Reportedly, it is the first construction in the Netherlands to include… read more