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Naturally Organized

Naturally Organized

Giving items a place to nest helps keep spaces in order. The following shelves are inspired by the natural design of trees and branches, and they are eye-catching ways to store household objects. These organizational designs can also be replicated with some do it yourself woodworking skill. The library tree branch from woodcraft designer Olivier Dollé is made from birch veneer and oak wood. With a focus on handmade woodworking designs as opposed to commercial productions, this arrangement can be installed in any room for a functional piece that pulls from the outdoors. Booktree by industrial designer Kostas Syrtariotis offers a… read more

Interesting and Eco-Friendly Wall Designs

Interesting Wall Designs

Painting walls is a good technique to add color to rooms, but integrating wall designs in a space can add dimension and functionality. There are endless projects for wall decorations that can incorporate green design. One example of an increasingly popular wall display is a living wall. These feature arrangements of living plants and can be custom constructed to meet the needs of a space. Putting in a living wall can be as simple as securing a resalvaged pallet or shelving and adding potted plants. Designs like the ones available from a company called Benetti Stone add real live interest… read more