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Music Themed Recycling Projects

Music Themed Recycling Projects

If a music lover is in your midst, check out these recycling projects with music as the main talent. Can’t bear to part with that worn out instrument? Instead of only displaying a favorite item, use it. It it’s no longer playable consider turning it into a functional conversation piece. This piano bookshelf is an elegant way to repurpose an old piano frame. There are also many ways to reuse non-working guitars and their parts. This upscaled table is a beautiful way to incorporate a beloved item into a space. The dollhouse guitar is an interesting concept. The same idea… read more

Dressing Your Gifts

Wrapping paper

As the holidays approach, many will be in a rush to get presents picked out and dressed up. All too often, this includes spending extra money on wrapping paper, plastic bows, and other disposable adornments. Rather than going that familiar route, ditch the wrapping paper altogether. Instead, wrap your presents using unique alternatives that will make your gift all the more memorable. Try donning your gift in the following: An Old Map – it could be an ordinary road map or an antique map. Maybe it is a map of a region your recipient is fond of. For example, use a map of Ireland if your loved one… read more