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Rent Cars by the Minute


Car2go is a German company that allows drivers to hire cars by the minute. Depleting the need to justify an hourly rate with moderate to long distance travel. Instead, cars can be utilized for shorter trips when walking is impractical and public transport, inaccessible. As with mid-distance commutes to work and last minute trips to the grocery store. Car2go has vehicles deposited throughout participating cities, all which can be found through an app and reserved online in as little as 30 minutes in advance. If you’re not making a reservation, simply use any of the car2go vehicles closest to you…. read more

Zipcar a More Efficient Choice for Drivers


For every Zipcar vehicle used, 15 personally-owned cars are taken off the road. Zipcar, which was founded in 2000, is a US-based shared-transport program wherein drivers can reserve a car for use for either a monthly-rate or per-use fee. The program depletes the need to own a car and allows driversĀ  access to a vehicle on an as-needed basis. Often reservations can be made the same day. It is expected that 10 percent of populations will adopt shared-transport in the future. Shared transport is often a cheaper alternative to car-ownership, depleting the cost of insurance, maintenance, and even gas. Drivers… read more