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Turning Sewage into Paper


Can you imagine writing something on sewage? An Israeli researcher, Dr. Refael Aharon of Applied CleanTech, has developed a new system that is capable of turning stinking sewage into scentless paper. So how is sewage turned to paper? Domestic waste water contains solid substances in the form of food leftovers, used toilet paper and fiber from clothes as they are laundered. These solid substances contain cellulose which can be used for paper production after drying. Treatment of the solids currently found in waste water is a challenging and expensive activity for the effluent management industry. Dr. Aharon’s system can reduce solids… read more

Cruise Lines Sewage Report Cards


Friends of the Earth recently released their 2012 Cruise Ship Report Card, which evaluates major ship lines on their pollution levels. The report covers 15 major cruise lines, including the Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, as well as 148 of their collective cruise ships. All were graded in the areas of Sewage Treatment, Air Pollution Reduction, and Water Quality Compliance. The report also recorded any changes, improvements or decline, of those graded in 2010. For a ship to be considered efficient in sewage treatment, it had to possess the most advanced system of sewage and water treatment. Ensuring that waste… read more

Recycled Water Debate

Recycled water

Water is a commodity necessary to sustain life on earth. Without it the world would come to an abrupt dead halt, which is why considerable efforts are invested into water conservation methods because it has become common knowledge that fresh water is a depleting resource in many territories worldwide. Recycled water is one of most controversial topics in environmental law and policy formulation, as it is also a viable alternative to mitigating fresh water consumption. There is often resistance towards integrating recycled water into drinking water. Recently, the people of Ethekwini (otherwise known as Durban) in South Africa are one… read more