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Make Your Own Moccasins

Make Your Own Moccasins

Moccasins were originally worn to shield the feet from the elements and were always made from available materials. Native American moccasins were constructed with outdoor wear and specific geographical areas in mind. Though similarly made with animal hides, different tribes wore diverse styles. Moccasins remain a popular shoe choice for their interesting history as well as their looks. Although you can buy a kit, they can be handcrafted by reusing fabric materials, making a pattern and sewing portions together. If using leather, it is recommended that a medium thickness be used for moccasin making. However, if you prefer not to use leather, any type… read more


Growing vegetables at home

Modern technology has revolutionized our lifestyles. Many necessities are mass-produced and you can eliminate almost any task by switching on an appliance. But like any great invention technology is a tool that can be used appropriately or abused. A struggle of modern life is to remain self-sufficient. But doing so can help you save money, energy, and better your sense of accomplishment. This doesn’t mean taking drastic measures. Just by sewing a ripped pair of pants you’ve saved time and money by not buying a replacement pair. These are a few suggestions to get you started. When buying fresh produces… read more