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Looking Good for Less

Look Good For Less

It’s that time of the year again; the time when yours or your child’s clothes are just too small.  The time to make a good first impression. Or, maybe you are just the type of person that stands staring into your closet and can’t find a thing to wear. Do you want to look great without breaking the bank?  Allow me to tell you how you can do so. Start shopping at more flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, resale stores, or on Ebay. In a rough economy we all start to count pennies, but by shopping smart you can… read more

Instagram Fashion

Instagram Fashion

I have noticed a few of my friends are using Instagram to sell their old clothes. Just how prevalent is this buying and selling of second-hand clothes using this popular cell phone app? Instagram might lead us to more responsible consumerism as second-hand shops are using the popular photography app. There is a fairly large group of parents that use Instagram as a way to buy and sell their kids’ clothes. These accounts are called “closet shops”. The accounts provide images of clothes up for sale in their up to the minute feed. Those parents who are clothes shopping can… read more

No More Cheap and Nasty

Cheap and nasty

Having recently survived the festive season, I witnessed with growing alarm (perhaps moreso than other years) the inordinate amount of cheap plastic rubbish that people purchase to celebrate the holidays. And I’m not talking about the cheap plastic utilitarian rubbish that lasts a few days or weeks or months then promptly loses whatever mojo it may have had only to end up broken, lost or otherwise beaten into the submission of landfill. No, I’m talking about the cheap plastic do-nothing junk known as “novelties”. From plastic “wobbly-dogs” that do nothing other than bob their heads when you nudge them, to… read more