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Algae Threatens Manatees


Despite being lovingly referred to as the “sea cow”, manatees are aquatic relatives of elephants. Like them, manatees are herbivores, subsisting primarily on marine and freshwater plants. One of the ways in which they contribute to the balance of their ecosystem is by cutting and spreading the seeds of sea-grasses to promote optimal growth, much like birds and squirrels cultivate plants through seed distribution on land. Along with vast portions of sea-grass, manatees eat seaweeds. Specifically,  algae – and lots of it. This is fine when ingesting the green, stringy algae commonly found on the surface of pond water. However,… read more

The Unique Sounding Seaweed and Silk Dress

The Unique Sounding Seaweed and Silk Dressdetail

The Masai dress from Studio 5050 is more than a pretty dress. It is also an unexpected poetic symphony. Inspired by a collar that makes slight swinging sounds when worn due to its silver beaded design, this dress applies the same structure and vocal principles. The designer stated that the dress was an “a-ha! moment” that struck while wearing the collar and doing a little cleaning up in the studio. Though most of us may not get that inspired during cleaning time and would have only been entertained by the sound the collar made, probably also appreciating the feel and… read more

Sustainable Seaweed Farming As An Agricultural Model

Sustainable Seaweed Farming As An Agricultural Model

Research projects like the Coral Triangle Initiative are working to safeguard water zones. Studies like these are international efforts to protect coral reef areas. The intention is to defend not only the reef ecosystems, but also the local fisheries and individuals that live in these regions. They also further examine associations between whether or not indigenous opportunities, like seaweed farming, are viable commodities for local people. One objective of researchers in a mission called Hugging the Coast, which was in the same vein as the Coral Triangle Initiative, was looking at available connections between these commercial areas and to seek sustainable,… read more

Researchers Develop System for Efficiently Harvesting Seaweed for Biomass


On some beaches, regularly removing seaweed is a necessity to keep the area clean and tidy for users, but the methods currently used are not very efficient or environmentally friendly. However, a research group at the University of Alicante in Spain has come up with a system that not only removes the seaweed efficiently, but can also process it right on the beach, which could be a big step toward treating this resource as biomass for energy production and other uses. The recently patented process puts the seaweed through several steps, including washing, drying, and compacting the material, right on… read more