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A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

A Seaside Home Built For The Seasons

Seaside homes are normally impressive, just due to their location. Residing in a home with gorgeous water views would be a welcoming lifestyle. One home located in Bulgaria that provides an interesting take on coastal living is called the Equinox Passive House​. With a focus on natural light and temperature maintenance, the residence from Ignatov Architects takes into account seasonal progressions and their effects on interior warmth and lighting. The architects created the home constructed in concrete and stone to be a low energy design. The positioning of the home’s foundation was a significant consideration in obtaining the most power from… read more

What’s In Season Now?


Eating seasonally can have enormously positive effects on the environment. It means you are more likely to eat locally which is wonderful for local farmers. The means by which the produce gets to your table will be drastically better for the environment than if it is shipped or flown in. This could also save you money as you are not forking out for transportation costs. Another important benefit is that the produce is less likely to be genetically modified. Eating seasonally is very good for your health too as fruits and vegetables are generally around when they are most beneficial… read more