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Buy A Share of Your Local Produce

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program that connects citizens with local farmers. Unlike a farmer’s market, where you simply purchase local produce, CSA enables you to buy a “share” from local producers. Shares usually consist of a portion of the season’s produce. In this scenario members receive a weekly shipment of fresh, local produce to their front doors. The produce arrives, minimally packaged, in a reusable container. Often, this means a wooden or cardboard box, though bags and baskets are also used. Each package is filled with a vibrant assortment of fruits and vegetables, with enough to provide two… read more

Fall Inspired Interiors

Fall Inspired Interiors

Bringing the season indoors doesn’t have to involve a whole room redo, but adding or rearranging a few things can easily add a fall feel to an indoor space. Below are some simple suggestions for incorporating autumn into interiors. Beginning with the entryway, an organic front door wreath welcomes guests and creates a relaxed seasonal feel. A handmade wreath formed with outdoor finds can be done on any scale and is easy to rotate according the season, like this natural design. A modern way to work in a pop of color in a door or window is to make a… read more

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a wonderful winter treat. Recipes vary from one culture to the next, but all require mixing wine with spices, fruit, and sugar or honey and serving it hot. If you’d like to try your hand at making mulled wine, be sure to start with a good wine. Many people think it’s alright to use poor quality wine given that it will be cooked, but the finished product won’t be as good. Most mulled wine recipes call for red wine, but a few favor white or a blend of the two. Some also include brandy, though in Scandinavia,… read more

Handmade Wreaths

Handmade wreaths

Store bought wreaths can be expensive, and if they are living ones they may not last as long as their price tag dent does in your budget. Assembling your own is a way to have an original wreath that will be both fun to make and look at. Wreaths actually date back thousands of years and can be found in various cultures. They come in many sizes, from smaller loops that were once worn on top of the head as honorable adornments to larger sizes used for decoration and to represent unity or hold special significance. Though the wreath’s looks… read more

Eating Foods in Season

Seasonal produce

The ability to retain food quality, with the aid of preservatives, means we have access to a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains year-round. Still, it is healthier and more practical to eat foods when they are season. In season produce is more likely to have come from local resources. This means less time spent being transported to stores. It may also infer that less, if any, pesticides were used as they would be to preserve produce that is not in season. While locations vary, here are some of the best times to get fresh fruits and vegetables: Spring… read more