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Art That Makes Foodies Happy

Art That Makes Foodies Happy

Images of delectable fruit, vegetables and fresh foods may not be, but the naturally vibrant colors in produce can be inspiring to the eyes. To get a visual serving of a healthy variety of foods, check out the following artists who use them as a medium and motivation. Hikaru Cho has been lighting up the web lately with her collection of paintings. With a fitting title, It’s Not What It Seems, this series puts a little playfulness into the ordinary kitchen fruit bowl. Using only food and acrylic paints, Cho disguises one item to look flawlessly like another. Peeling back the… read more

Why Eat Seasonally?

Eating Seasonal Produce

Eating food out of season is unsustainable for a number of reasons. Transporting the food, as well as creating and transporting its packaging, uses fossil fuels and generates carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Furthermore, produce shipped in from other places is often grown in monocultures, a practice that also has negative consequences for the environment. However, there are other impacts beyond these environmental problems. Eating out-of-season foods shipped in from other places compromises local food security by investing in a global system at the expense of a local one. It also leads to a loss of food knowledge,… read more

Grow Your Own Salad

Growing salad at home

If you love salads, consider growing your own salad garden. With a few materials serving up a salad can be as easy as deciding what to snip onto a plate. First, choose if you want your garden indoors or out. If indoors, lighting will need to be adequate. Think about what you have to work with. Sunny windows are ideal, but also consider what you want to grow as well if you want seasonal produce or prefer full year salads at your fingertips. Do your research so that you know what plants prefer full or partial sun and consider which… read more