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Oceanic Architecture Of The Future

Oceanic Architecture Of The Future

Elaborate and awe-inspiring architectural concept designs don’t have to be purely land based. Some spectacular ideas for structures with sea legs are also floating around, literally. Aptly referred to as the Floating Island from AT Design Office, this concept design for an ocean based residential, entertainment and business district is an interesting proposal. The manmade island containing the rafted metropolis would stretch for miles. The foundation is constructed of hexagon slating, and underneath the flooring is a system of connected roads and walking paths that provide transportation outlets. Occupants have the option to be either above or below the ocean’s surface. A… read more

Green Efforts: Helsinki


Finland is a densely wooded land nourished by numerous lakes, with a sparse population that is short of five and half million. Nestled in the southeastern tip of Finland you’ll find Helsinki, the country’s capital and largest city. It is a city once shaped by Russian and Swedish influence, but has a distinctive culture imbued with the Finnish spirit and retains a high quality of life. As a part of Green Efforts, we will delve into some of the practices, both old and advanced, that reveal the city’s environmental awareness. Green Agenda Helsinki’s strength lies in the city’s sheer determination… read more

Mercury Rising

Earth's rising temperatures

One major crisis phenomenon that keeps haunting the geologists is the constantly rising temperature. Alone in the past 50 years, the average earth’s temperature has risen by over 0.8 degrees. As per data analyzed by NASA scientists, 2011 was the ninth warmest year in 132 years of recordkeeping. The direct effect of the same can be seen in the rising sea levels that further lead to more absorption of the sun’s heat. The resultant of this rising heat is the never ending vicious circle. The rising temperature accelerates the rate of melting of the polar ice caps. This leads to… read more