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Common Crane Recolonizing in Scotland


After centuries of absence, common cranes are beginning to recolonize in Scotland. The return was not an organized attempt by conservationists, but the natural migration and breeding of at least one mating pair. Beyond Scotland, small pools of cranes are turning up in northern and western Europe. Cranes are of an unmistakable symbolism, playing a role in the myths of regions as varied as France and east Asia. Flamboyant and temperamental, these lithe and leggy creatures are gifted with long, slender physiques, which they use to participate in lively mating rituals. This is perhaps the reason that a majority of… read more

Scotland to Build World’s Largest Wave Farm


A project that will culminate in the world’s largest wave farm, ultimately delivering 40MW of clean energy, has received approval from Scottish Ministers and will deployed off the coast of Scotland. The project, using Aquamarine Power’s “Oyster” technology, will deploy 40 to 50 of the near-shore wave energy harvesting machines in the ocean off of the northwest coast of Lewis over the next few years. “Aquamarine Power’s Oyster wave power technology captures energy in nearshore waves and converts it into clean sustainable electricity. Essentially Oyster is a wave-powered pump which pushes high pressure water to drive an onshore hydro-electric turbine…. read more

Scotland Opens Smart Grid Research Center


The future of electrical distribution will be a smart one. The smart grid is a great concept, but the integration and implementation of large-scale models needs a lot more research to bring it up to full potential. That’s where Scotland’s new Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) comes in. This world-class smart grid research and testing hub will enable developers, engineers, researchers, and businesses to come together to accelerate the adoption of advanced grid technologies. The PNDC, at the University of Strathclyde, has a small-scale, independent power network (11kV/400V) that can be reconfigured for developing and integrating the newest research in… read more