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The versatility of compact scooters


Scooter and motorcycle companies are raising the bar each year for next-generation engineering and design. You’ve seen some pretty cool ideas for hovering scooters and such, but you’ve probably never seen a compact folding scooter. The Moveo Scooter The Moveo is a sleek new innovation in scooter design. It’s able to completely fold down to be carried with you, and it’s quite nice to behold.   The Moveo was created from Antro; a “non-profit Hungarian organization that also designed the wood-framed hybrid Solo car.” The electric Moveo weighs just 63 pounds, which, by vehicle standards, is super light. You probably won’t… read more

Urb-e Is The Future Of Personal Transport


At CES 2014, tons of awesome (and less-than-spectacular) products were showcased and raved about. One of them was the Urb-e. This tiny folding electric scooter is what we’ll all be cruising around on in the next few years. Check out The Verge’s quick review on the floor of CES: The Urb-e has the functionality of a swiss-army knife, and the portability of a backpack, weighing in at just 25 pounds. It uses an iPhone as a dashboard to display battery power and range, giving added definition to the trend of connectivity between motor vehicles and gadgets. While you can’t go… read more