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Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Solutions

eco friendly lunchboxes

Disposable is out, reusable is in! More students are taking on the goal of being eco –friendly for their environment and using reusable containers rather than paper sacks. Below are a few options to be eco sensible and safely carry your lunch to school. Frego is a shatter resistant glass bowl fitted with a silicone sleeve and double seal softsnap lid. No BPA. No PVC. No Polystyrene. No Lead. Frego’s borosilicate glass offers better thermal range than most commonly used consumer glass products available today. Frego glass is safe from -40 °F up to 465 °F. BUILT NY’s kids lunch… read more

Effects of a Prepackaged Society

Effects of a Prepackaged Society

Children need regular, healthy foods to develop properly. However, when snack time comes around and good choices are not available they will normally choose the most easily accessed items, which can sometimes include prepackaged foods. Children can also adopt the “there’s nothing to eat” syndrome when looking for something to snack on and there aren’t easy to grab, kid centered options. The U.S. in particular has been scrutinized for offering foods to children that are mostly nutritionally deficient even in places where they need a health boost the most, like at school. School lunches in general have been under a… read more