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Education Outside


Imagine a gray schoolyard paved with asphalt being transformed into a flourishing ecosystem; with footpaths meandering from bursts of native flora to vegetable patches teeming with in-season crops. Education Outside is an organization that strives to incorporate environmental enlightenment into school curricula; doing so by transforming traditional schoolyards into green havens where kids can help build a sustainable ecosystem. Based in San Francisco, Education Outside has sprouted green classrooms in the schoolyards of dozens of schools in the San Francisco area. In addition, they provide environmentally concerned curricula and training for teachers. In these natural sanctuaries, students not only learn… read more

Sustainable Schools

School children playing

Sustainability in schools encompasses six key areas: water conservation, waste reduction, energy efficiency, green spaces, environmentally friendly transportation, and sustainability education. The first step to making a school more sustainable is to establish a sustainability team that includes students, teachers, other staff and, ideally, parent volunteers. This team must evaluate the school’s environmental friendliness, determine which issues can be feasibly addressed, create both short- and long-term goals, and develop an action plan. It’s also beneficial to consult with other sustainable schools and organizations to learn about best practices and to celebrate successes in meeting sustainability targets. The following are specific… read more